Hi internet. I am Kévin Maschtaler, a french web developer since a few years who started to fiddle with computers at twelve years old.

Now at marmelab, a nice Digital Innovation Workshop where I learn a lot of stuff and make things done on innovative projects with very modern technologies. I mostly write JavaScript for work or open-source, Python for fun or side-projects and my interest goes to various topics such as sysadmin, security, crypto-currencies, etc.

Fullstack developer, DevOps, internet’s builder, something between or all at once. I wear multiple hats, even freelancer. I like to rub shoulders with startupers in order to learn new methods or just listen stories.

Finally, I am used to document my discoveries or talks on my blog or more frequently on Twitter. If you are curious about what I do you should take a look at my GitHub page. And if by chance you are not far from Nancy or Paris, feel free to ping me, I would love to share a drink!